May 7, 2017


Sleep Deprivation 

She couldn’t sleep. She didn’t want to sleep. It didn’t matter if her eyes drooped with sleep or if they propped themselves wide open. Sleep evaded her. It always evaded her. No matter what the new day might hold. No matter what the old day may have thrown. Sleep never came to her.

She stayed up all night, waiting for it to arrive, watching the hours on the clock tick by. Midnight came and went. Nothing. One came and went. Nothing. Two. Three. Four. Five. Nothing. She found herself losing this battle. And the war as well. Her lack of sleep lorded itself over her. A comical thought indeed,  her subconscious ruling her conscious. But that was how things worked out. 

Her sleepless nights resulted in what one would only expect: sleep deprivation, a body aching exhaustion that would nev3r go away. 


Prompt: Experience, I suppose?