May 8, 2017


Young Love

As I sat at my desk, grading the spelling tests of my third graders, I noticed one little girl sat at her desk alone while her classmates played at recess. She did it by choice. She sat there every day, every recess. Natalie Lewis, the quietest girl I had ever taught, didn’t have any friends. No one asked her to play with them and she couldn’t overcome her shyness to ask if she could join. As a result, she sat all alone day in and day out. 

Except for today. When I looked up, I noticed a young boy had joined her, Davie Morocco, the new stucent. His family had just moved to our tiny little town. I didn’t know why, just that Davie was different than the other kids. He could read well past his grade level, and his other subjects matched up with that. He really shouldn’t have wasted his time in my classroom, learning the basic stucco that he did. Davie deserved better. 

Davie patted Natalie on the shoulder. The little girl startled, twisting in her seat to see wh9 had topped her. Perhaps recess had ended. Rather, she found herself looking into the eyes of the smart little boy in front of her. She didn’t know what to say. Not that she ever had much to say. 

“Ni, I’m Davie,” the boy began. “You seem alone.” Natalie snrugged. “You know, there’s a feeling that I get around you. Something the highest kids call a… a… spontaneous something. “I like you. Wanna play? ”

I saw Natalie’s eyes brighten at the mention and she knew and ran off, Davie hot inherent heels. Both looked happy. 

“If of ly you knew the hardships of adult love, you’d never let this go.”

Prompt: Another dream I had last night 


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