April 19, 2017



Lately, I’ve been struggling 

To put words together 

On a page 

To post here. 


By the time I get to it,

It’s late 

And often my head hurts. 

Hence, why I struggle. 

I don’t know why

I struggle but I do. 

I do. 

I struggle and it’s hard. 

I wish the words came easily, 

Flowing like a river 

Or some other cliche. 

I want to write. 

I do!

Though sometimes… 

I don’t even believe myself. 

It’s hard to push through, 

But I’m making myself. 

I’m determined 

To do what I set out to. 

I have set my mind 

On completing my task.

This mind frame, 

This determination, 

This perseverance, 

Will get me further 

Than relying on pure skill. 



I have a little of that too. 

It would make the struggle 

All the more worthwhile. 


Prompt: Yet another silly poem bemoaning my own life choices. 


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