April 18, 2017


B: Beautiful Bodies

Day in.

Day out. 

My body feels. 

Heart racing. 

Or head pulsing. 

Or chest tightening. 

These and more. 

They pronounce my health, 

Physical and emotional. 


carry too much stress. 

On my shoulders. 

In my head. 

Behind my eyes. 

The stress creates tension. 

The tension, discomfort. 

Discomfort may turn to more. 

To pain. 

To illness. 

Or perhaps both. 


e often forget 

That our bodies are important. 

We focus on the inside.

Our hearts. 

Our heads. 

We focus on the invisible. 

Our minds. 

Our souls. 

And in doing so,

Our bodies, 

Our physicality, 

Falls to the wayside. 


We forget to see 

Just how beautiful 

Our bodies are. 

And I don’t mean beauty as in 

Our waist size 

Or our pants size 

Or our hair color 

Or eye color 

Or skin color

Or anything typically termed 


I mean 




Than such a shallow definition. 


ur bodies tell us so much

But we miss it

Because our focus is elsewhere. 

We feel our emotions 

In our bodies 

But we forget that 

Because we’re so focused 

On how we feel in our heads. 

We are so much more. 


nd because we are,

We are even more 

More beautiful 

More intelligent 

More kind 

And caring 

And helpful 

We are more 

Than we can ever know. 



Of our bodies 

And the beauty, 

Oh what inherent beauty!,

They carry within. 


Prompt: Write a poem about something that fires you up. For me right now, that’s the importance and the beauty of the human body. Enjoy my rant. 


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