April 12, 2017


Will You, Won’t You 

There comes a time

When you know you have…


But you don’t really want to go through with them.

Like me tonight. 

I know I need to write

Whatever it may be 

That spews out of my mouth.

But my tired mind protests. 

My eyes droops. 

My vision focuses in and out. 

My head feels heavy,

A slight pain behind my eyes. 

That’s because it isn’t night.

It’s not even technically 

April twelfth 

Of two thousand seventeen. 

It’s the thirteen. 

That goes to show my state of mind.

Midnight… one… 

The minutes pass by 

And it’s almost two.

In the morning. 

And even as I write this, 

My mind has one question 

That it can’t seem to answer:

Will you?

Won’t you?


Prompt: Write a poem expressing your mental state. 


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