April,11, 2017


It All Depends Upon

As the nerves rose in her veins, slowly conquering her entire being, she could feel her focus turning to her head. Her thoughts raced faster, her pace on their tail. Her breathing felt heavy in her chest, a twang of pain in her breast, right where her heart belonged. Her eyes darted back and forth between the time displayed on her watch and the path in front of her. She could hear her voice resonating Jun the back of her mind. 

“You’re a failure,” it told her. “You’ll never succeed.”

But she knew that today she couldn’t fail. Her life depended upon it. Today, she had the biggest job interview. This interview could seal her fate forever. If she failed this interview, she knew that she could never succeed, and if she passed it, she would cry with pure joy.

In the meantime, however, she had to distract herself. Listening to the voice in her head wouldn’t help her. She would become distracted and thus unable to focus on the task at hand: her interview. The voice in her head would seal her failure. It told her she was one and in taking control, it would ensure failure’s arrival in her life.

Taking a deep breath, she held out her hands on both sides, letting the objects on either side of her brush her hands. The smooth metal of the lampposts. The rough bark of the trees. The silky buds of the flowers and their corresponding greenery. All things felt new, though all things she had felt time and again. Each experience helped to ground her, snapping her out of her own little fantasyland in her head. Each texture felt unique and different than the last. 

Each texture on her palm helped her to overcome her fear. 


Prompt: Write a story about the importance of the body. 


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