April 6, 2017


Searching for Bed

She used to think it charming, staying awake until the hours of one day broke into the next. Once upon a time, she loved watching the night sky with all its glorious beauty, the stars rolling by and the moon shining high. She could spend hours staring up into the vast expanse, her mind parading off to fantasyland with every passing star, each new star taking her somewhere new. She had adventures in different times and places, full of colors and people and things she had never seen. The night sky was her own personal magic carpet, taking her to worlds a-glow with freshness. 

And then she started to age. Her body started slowing down. Her energy levels weren’t the same. She could no longer stay up until the wee hours of the morning and awake refreshed and renewed. Most nights, she preferred to be in bed by ten at the latest, her eyes shutting the moment they hit the pillow and sleep be falling her soon after. The stars and the moon no longer served her imagination, taking her on trips not even the best travel agency could arrange. Instead, they sat her window, begging her to come out and play, like the next door nuisances that were always screaming about something. 

She stood at the window, gazing up at the stars. Gently, she reached out and placed a hand on the glass, its coolness seeping into her bare flesh. One star shone particularly bright, right in front of her eyes. “Don’t worry, my friend, some day I’ll have the energy to play with you again.” It seemed to twinkle in response. She yawned, “But for now, bed.”

Stretching, yawning, she closed the curtains, climbed into bed, and pulled the covers up to her chin. “I will never forget you,” she whispered.

Outside, the stars smiled more brightly. 


Prompt: Write about the feeling of staying up last midnight.


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