April 5, 2017


​An Ode to the Jerk at the Elevator

All I wanted from you was simple:

Hold the door. 

Let me in.

Scan me up. 

Simple motions that you were already taking for yourself. 

Add in another human being 

And of course the whole task changes.

You would have to share the Elevator.

With a stranger.

For who knows how many floors! 

(The most possible?

One, two, three, four, five. 

Five floors in the entire building.)

What agony that must be!

I would hate to put you through this experience that I’m sure you’ve had 


And time…

And time again.
I’m sure if you read this you would say, 

“Nothing personal.”

Because that’s what people on your position are supposed to say.

“Nothing personal” is supposed to make up for your actions.

Just a hint:

It doesn’t.
Because of your last know of kindness, 

I had to walk up the stairs,

To the very top floor,

Because I couldn’t scan myself up.

The stairs winded me

And I couldn’t breathe by the time I reached my landing. 

All because you didn’t want to share the Elevator. 
It’s not that you didn’t see me coming 

Or didn’t hear me. 

I know you did.

Your eyes connected with mine 

As the doors continued to close. 

I put my hand onto stop it,

But you must’ve done something, 

Pushed that extra little button, 

Because they kept on closing. 

They fought 

But they gave in to the touch of your finger. 

You had more power than I

And you left me in the dust. 
Don’t tell me you wanted personal space 

Or that strangers scare you. 

The Elevator is for the use of the entire building, 

And few know fear of strangers like I do. 

It isn’t much to ask,

To beg you to hold the door for the young woman struggling to enter. 

I know we know no chivalry 

In this broken world of ours, 

But I thought we still had common courtesy

To help pave our paths. 
But more and more, 

I seem to find 

That the opposite is true.

Our world is falling,


Half destroyed,

And it’s taking us with it too. 
And so, 

Unlike the Jerk who stopped the doors 

And thus kept me from the Elevator, 

I beg us all to find within ourselves 

That piece we all are missing.

Because it is in uniting

That we will become strong. 
Not in blocking Elevator doors. 


Prompt: Write a poem to a person who made you angry.


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