Every writer needs validation from time to time. Hell, every human being needs validation from time to time. It’s part of what let’s us know that we are talented and appreciated, especially in times of doubt or worry when we feel particularly vulnerable to the ways of the world around us. Ways we know will tear us down if we let our guard down for too long, even by just a fraction. 

Sometimes the smallest thing can turn a person’s world upside down, like hearing their characters are relatable or like hearing that people want to continue to read what they’ve written. It sends a burst of joy dancing through my veins, racing through my body from head to toe, starting a party in my mind as I think about what such simple feedback may mean for me. 

It gives me hope and encourages me. It tells me that I am actually not completely terrible at what I do. It helps me to see that I’m not a hopeless case after all. All this from a simple phrase or two. A single “Good job!” can life the weight off a nervous worrier’s shoulders. A simple “I want more!” can change their lives. Or at the very least their perspectives, their courage, their confidence. 

Sometimes, a little encouragement is the best treatment for a case of the doubts, the best medication. So find your resident writer friend and give them a little meaningful feedback. They’ll appreciate it for sure. 

…but please let it be meaningful. 


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