March 31, 2017


Today of All Days

     Today of all days, of course, had to turn into a nightmare for Marianna and it was just her luck. 

     A very busy, busy student off at the university of her dreams, Marianna Beck found herself with too much to do. Too many books to read. Too many films to watch. Too many things to write. Her schedule packed with simply too much in too few days. No one, she would often think, should ever find himself stuck in such a position as hers. She needed to do well but she also needed to enjoy herself and take care of her health, for otherwise she would fall to a million pieces. 

     Today was a day where she had taken too much on herself, meetings, appointments, homework, and fun crowding in each other, giving her no space to breathe. She felt choked, but she didn’t care. Marianna thrived when her schedule gave her things to do. An empty schedule resulted in too many wasted hours, watching TV shows that weren’t even all that good. She had no excuse to waste her time, knowing full well what she had to do, but she excused herself one too many times on one too many occasions. Stress always ensued. 

     Such as today. She bounced around from event to event, wasting the precious little time she had in between on pointless enterprises. She told herself every couple minutes, “I’ll be fine,” she would say, “I have plenty of time in a day. There are twenty-four hours in a day after all!” But every couple of minutes, she found herself in a condition that distinctly proved otherwise. 

     The stress had fallen too heavily on her shoulders. Everything started to break down, crashing to pieces at her feet, tears hanging heavily behind her eyelids. Every movement created a wave of panic rushing through her bones. Living became a chore, the most hellish chore she could invent for herself. Her life became a nightmare. Every little stress became a monster lurking just around the nearest corner. Every little person became a roadblock to success, hindering her growth in every imaginable way. Rather than seeing people, with hurts and dreams and fears unique to them and their past, she saw nuisances. Rather than seeing people needing her attention, she saw deep drains sucking at her, willing her to give in and let them take her hostage. 

     Life had lost its joys, big and small alike. 

     Today was simply no different. Everything got on her nerves. As she moved, she could feel her limbs beginning to achieve. Her eyelids began to droop, heavy with the weight of all her stress and adding yet another to the mix. Her body had begun to shut down. All her busyness and sleepless nights must have caused her immune system to lose its footing. She could feel the illness creeping.

     Yet she pushed herself further. “I’ll be fine!” she protested. “I’m sure it’s just my body being ridiculous. Stress does that to me! It’s no big deal. There’s no way I’m getting sick.”

     But poor Marianna Beck was vastly wrong. She pushed herself and the sickness fought back. She ignored the chills running through her entire body. “I’ll be fine!” she laughed  “This happens sometimes.” She ignored the burning in her eyes. “I’ll be fine!” she brushed it aside. “I must just be tired.” She ignored the growing pain in her throat and the ache in her belly. None of this matter! She had too much to do, and she refused to let a silly little thing like sickness Hold her back. 

     She went ahead and attended the event anyway, still ignoring every little symptom. None of that mattered today. The only thing that really mattered was the evening ahead of her. She simply wanted to enjoy herself and spend time with the people she called her friends. Was that too much to ask for? 

     “Yes!” her body screamed. 


Prompt: Narrate a nightmarish day. 


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