March 26, 2017


Bad Behavior

“Do you know how much I need you?” she shouted, tears prickling behind her eyes. She paced the length of her small bedroom, running her hands through her hair in distress. She turned on her heels. “I need you! I have a heavy, heavy semester in school coming up and I need you to support me through this. I can’t do it alone. Why are you failing me now?” Heavily, she sat down on her bedroom. She covered her face with her hands, letting the tears fall.

A moment passed before she looked up. Her face changed, a steely look now gracing her features rather than the weepy one she bore before. “How. Dare. You,” she began as she hopped off her bed, waving her finger in anger. “How dare you! You promised you would always be there for me. You promised you would support me. You promised you would never, ever leave me. Especially not when I needed you the most. And here I am and here you are doing exactly what you said you wouldn’t.”

She started pacing again, her feet going into autopilot, tracing and retracing the exact steps she had taken time and time again. Her voice started to rise, becoming louder and harsher. People skirted around her door, avoiding her as they clearly could hear her temper rising to a boiling point. “Why did I ever trust you?” she yelled, a break in her voice popping in the middle of her sentence. “I hate you! No. Hate isn’t a strong enough word. I- I despise you. I detest you. I abhor you. You’re a no good, worthless piece of sh–”

The door opened and her roommate, Carrie, entered, her hands full with her bags as she had just returned from break herself. Immediately, upon Carrie’s entrance, she calmed down, plastering the most artificial smile on her face, despite knowing that her roommate knew exactly what had gone down. Carrie set her backpack on her bed, turning. “Might wanna keep it down. The neighbors are gathering around outside, and I don’t think they’ll quite understand your shouting match with your laptop.”

Demurely, she nodded. “Yeah, sorry.”

Prompt: Write a story where one of the characters is revealed to be an inanimate object.


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