March 13, 2017


The Simple Things In Life

I almost missed it. The bus ride was over before I knew it. Just as the doors squealed open, I slammed my book shut, grabbed my rather heavy bag, and squeezed out the door. The large building, spread out over three floors, stood before me. The mall. I had only been here three or four times before, or so I could remember, though I knew for sure there had been more times than that. As I stared at the building, I mentally noted the two things I had come for: shorts, preferably not the overly long ones that stretched down past my finger tips, and issues of a comic book I had been told I ought to read. I told myself that that was all I was here for, nothing more, nothing less. I wouldn’t buy anything other than those two items, no matter what I may or may not I may fall in love with.

And so I made my way through the halls of the mall, stores on every side of me, big ones, small ones, random booths in between. The busy pace of a mall on a Monday afternoon picked up as the hours dragged on and I continued to duck in and out of stores. After an hour had flown by, I  found myself in a state of slight desperation. I had checked in every clothing store I had passed. Most stores either carried no shorts in my size or only the styles I didn’t like, and I’m just on the line between regular sizes and plus. Disheartening. Disheartening indeed.

Eventually, I found exactly what I had been looking for. It only took me over an hour and several stores to find sizes that would even fit me, let alone sizes that would fit me in styles I liked, and so of course when I did find something even remotely what I wanted, I bought it. I couldn’t completely control myself at that point in time. Who knew that shopping for shorts could become such a personal, emotional experience? But when I did find that one pair of shorts that fit my criteria, when I did find that one pair of shorts that I bought, it instantly put a smile on my face, for maybe there was hope in the world after all.

That’s all it took. A simple pair of shorts that fit me beautifully and my mood lifted. Who knew it could be as simple as that?


Prompt: Write about your day so far.


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